We have several locations, all within walking distance of the Duomo:

-The 4 apartments with a direct view of the Duomo can be found in Passaggio Duomo 2, a small gallery in the center of the pink building right in front of the Duomo façade

-Other 19 apartments are located in Via Passarella 4, a small pedestrian street about 100 meters from the back of the Duomo, at the intersection with Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and Via Cesare Beccaria

-The three units of Via Agnello 2, are located a few meters from Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and less than 100 meters from the Duomo. They are located on the fifth and last floor and have a beautiful terrace equipped on the floor for their exclusive use, although shared between the 3 units. They can be rented separately or all together and in this case can be internally connected becoming a single superattico

-The four units of the Locanda al Duomo are located in Via Broletto 31, about 400 meters from the Duomo and 200 meters from the Teatro alla Scala

-The Scala Studio is finally located in Via Romagnosi 4 (corner Via Manzoni) less than 200 meters from the Teatro alla Scala and about 350 meters from the Duomo.


Coming by car, follow the indications to the center. You can reach the units of Passaggio Duomo 2 coming directly to Piazza del Duomo and then entering the small gallery of Passaggio Duomo on the left, between the pharmacy and the TIM shop.


To reach the units in Via Passarella 4 it is necessary to reach Piazza Fontana first and from here follow the road to Piazza Cesare Beccaria, where the pedestrian area begins; one of our staff will meet you here for check-in and to take you to your accommodation in the center of Milan.

We have parking spaces on the terrace of the same building in Via Passarella 4 at 25 euros a day, but the car must not be longer than 5 meters to enter the building otherwise there are other underground parking spaces within 100 meters.